September 18th, 2016
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Stick Marsh Bait Bucket

Bluegill and Shellcrackers are still jumping on the hook for those crickets. Our Wednesday regulars are still catching Bluegill with crickets they caught over 60, Wednesday morning out of the Stick Marsh. They also caught a few small Catfish and a couple of Specks.  

Specks are slowly coming on!  Hearing more and more starting to be caught with minnows as their choice of bite.

Bass have been hitting on shiners and the domestic shiners we carry are doing the job.  Several 3 pounders were caught Thursday morning along with a total count of 18 in 2 hours with the biggest one weighing in at 4 & 3/4 pounds.

JUNE 13th, 2016 
  Well we are back up and running on this site.  We have had a few problems and have kept up our Facebook page.    Look to it for everything  since this has been down. We will be syncing the two. 
OCTOBER 3rd, 2013
SPECS ARE COMING IN!!!  Niles & Claude caught 40 Speck Thursday and 23 Yesterday!!! They also caught a good mess of Shell Crackers (Redear Sunfish) and Bluegill. The cooler weather in the mornings is helping the fish move around. Niles & Claude were fishing with minnows and crickets.  Bait Bucket is open from 6am to 6pm. We have Minnows, Crickets, Red Worms, Wigglers, Night Crawlers, Domestic Shiners to catch whatever you are fishing for!   Evencio-772-453-5706 or Sara 772-413-1784
SEPTEMBER 30th, 2013
Fishing is picking up everywhere!!!  Niles & Company caught 40 Specks  and too many Bluegill & Shell Crackers to count in the Stick Marsh this past Thursday, fishing with minnow!!!  A few reports coming in of Specks being caught off the bank by the boat ramp also.  Bass still going strong in Garcia's and Stick Marsh!!
July 10, 2013
The weather has slowed things down a little, the heat is upon us by 9 am and then the rain showers in the afternoon.   Those brave fisherman who are taking a chance in the morning are coming in with a mess of Bluegill.  The catch in Stick Marsh have been smaller than most like but good numbers caught on crickets. 
Bass are holding their own with several 5 & 6 pounders being caught.  Of course they are all catch & release in the Stick Marsh. 
Catfish are biting on worms, minnows & chicken livers around the dock area .
We have started a blast from the past!!  Each week we will post a picture from the past & if you are in it you will have 7 days to buy any of our live bait at half price.  This is limited to one item of bait.  This is our first picture of the week.
May 6th, 2013
Sorry it seems so long between but I've been doing them on our Facebook page -Stick Marsh Bait Bucket and thinking they were loaded on to the also.  Please like our Facebook page.
We have seen a big number of Bluegill & Shell Crackers (Redear Sunfish) being caught at the Stick Marsh.  Quite a few from the bank and more out in the center canal between Farm 13 & Stick Marsh.  They are being caught on crickets & worms.  Garcia's is giving a good amount of Bluegill also.
Still finding a few Specks but they are few & far between.
Bass are still hitting strong on Shiners, Domestic or wild.
October 29th, 2012
Specks are hitting good at East Marsh.  Most are fishing off the bank across from the boat ramp.  Ricky W. has caught his limit everyday for the last 4 days.  Most are 10 -12 inches a few have more size.  Speck fishing at the Stick Marsh is picking up with Andy & friend finding a few pockets in the deep center ditch between Farm 13 & Stick Marsh.  No big slabs yet, constancy not there yet.  Lorna reports catching a few specks around the boat ramp at Stick Marsh but not many and usually too small for her to keep. 
October 17th, 2012
Fishing (catching) is picking up a little in Garcia's with Bluegill being caught on crickets & worms.  Most are catching a few Speck and depending on who you ask most are eating size, not many slabs yet but good pan size, some too small.  Bass have been hitting the shiners in Garcia's in the early morning.  Stickmarsh reports good activity with the specks when they are biting and size is all over the place, no consistancy yet.
July 7th, 2012
Speck's are being caught in the Stickmarsh & Garcia's!
YES, I said Specks!!!  Many are catching their limit or pretty close to it.  It's 100 degrees and catching specks, amazing!!
Most are being caught near the , and running culverts. 
Bluegill & Shell Crackers are still gobbling up the crickets & worms both in the Stickmarsh & Garcia's.
The east end of C-54 is seeing a lot of action from Snook as they go after the smaller domestic shiners. 
If you can stand the heat now is a great time to go fishing.
Stop by and pick up your bait & get an up date .
JUNE 23, 2012
Lots of Bluegill, Shellcrackers (Redear Sunfish) hitting crickets & worms. Stickmarsh, Garcia's, C-54, East Marsh have all been giving up plenty of good to decent size fish for a summer fish fry.  
Water levels are going down a little but no navagation problems.
Some of the fisherman are having a little luck and others (few) are having good luck with some decent size Speck.  There is no consistancy, one day is good the rest of the week you can't find any.
Bass fishing is overall steady, some great catches this past week.  Lots of 3-5 pounders in Garcia's hitting shiners and worms.  Jim L. and Ryan caught a nice 8 pounder in Garcia's Wednesday on Domestic Shiners and in a 4 hour trip caught over 20 bass. 
Fishing is still good, but the weather is hot, best to get out early A.M. or late afternoon.
February 27th, 2012
Bass are hitting the Wild Shiners.  A lot of 3-5 pound bass and some 6 & 8's are hookin' up.  A couple of 10's reported, so they are still there!  A lot of numbers this past week. 
Karen  Benka shown with her 7 lb Bass caught in the Stickmarsh.
Speck (Black Crappie) catch has been hit & miss.  One day's good the next is a no go!  A few Bluegill and Catfish but nothing to brag about.
January 5th 2012
Bass fishing has been great in the Stickmarsh/Farm 13 area.  A lot of 7 to 9+ lunkers and a lot of action.    Haven't heard much about C-54 yet.  Garcia's has been steady, a lot of 3-5's and good numbers.
Speck fishing has picked up in the last few days at Stickmarsh/Farm 13 out by the pump station and in the SE corner.  Night fishing has been better the past few weeks.  Early morning and early evening has also been fruitful.
November 11th 2011
Speck's are HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!!!!  The S.E. corner of the Stickmarsh has the numbers but not size consistancy.  Sizes range from 12 inches to 4 inches.   The pit at Garcia's is still giving up nice Speck but the numbers are down this week.  The back canal and going into Zig-Zag has been the better place for catching numbers. 
Bass fishing has been great in the Stickmarsh and C-54 this past week.  Wild Shiners are the preferred bait.
We are running a Wild Shiner Special this weekend--1 Dozen Wild Shiners for $16.00.  Mention you saw this on our website to receive the special price. 
November 4th 2011
Fishing has been great!!!!  Bass are hitting the shiners as fast as you can cast them out there.  Specks are still a little deep but most of the guys are catching their limit or darn close to it depending on how you cull.
Farm 13 and the back of Garcia's are the two HOT SPOTS for Bass and Speck.  Minnows are the favorited choice for the Speck and size doesn't seem to matter.  We have the medium/large and the good old small minnows.   For Bass fishing we have the domestic shiners and Wild Shiners available.  Please call us if you want wild shiners to confirm availability. 
October 31, 2011
Happy Halloween!!!
Fishing has been great, Speck's are biting, a few Shell Crackers & Bluegill are still hitting the crickets.  Bass are being caught in big numbers but not a lot of size.
Garcia's in the back corner and the Stickmarsh corner of the Zig Zag Canal are the most profitable area's the Speck's are being caught.
Good Bass fishing in the nursery area of the Stickmarsh and C-54 this past week.  Most are in the 3 pound range but a lot of action.
We have plenty of minnows, domestic shiners, and WILD SHINERS, crickets and worms to fill all your fishing needs.
September 23rd, 2011
As a new fishing season gets underway we would like to look back at a friend and fellow fishing enthusiast Sam Nixon.  Sam was always ready to go fishing, which he did usually 2-4 days a week.  He was a great and trusted friend of ours, he would run our shop for us if we needed to attend to other business.  Sam was a man of many talents. 
We will miss him terribly.
The fishing report has remained fairly consistant for the past few months.  Lot of Bluegill & Shellcrackers (Redear Sunfish) being caught in Garcia's & Stickmarsh.  A few Specks have started showing up in the past 2 weeks.  The numbers aren't there yet but it's good to know they are showing up little by little.
Bass fishing has been good for the past month.  A lot of top water action and good afternoon bite in the Stickmarsh.
Dust off those poles and go fishing!!!!
     Fishing has been good at Stick Marsh and Garcia's.  Bluegill and Shellcrackers are plentiful in both areas.  In Garcia's most have been caught around the pump station in the back canal.  Stick Marsh has been all over, with the best catches in the south east corner and the canal north of the boat ramp.  Sam fished three days in Garcia's at the beginning of the week and caught his limit 2 of the 3 days. The other day he caught over 30.  The best time to go is first thing in the morning, before the heat comes on. 
     Bass fishing was great in the Stick Marsh at the beginning of the week according to Capt. Dean of, he caught over 30 bass on Monday, 45 on Tuesday and 49 on Wednesday.  He said most were in the 4-6 pound range. 
     The east end of C-54 has been steady with catches of Red Fish and and few Snook.
April 17th 2011
Things have been off kilter with the website but hopefully we are back in business.  Here are some pictures that have been taken over the past several months the web site has been down.  I will be updating the site at least once a week.  Thank you for your patience and loyality.  Nest week I'll have some great pictures of bass caught in C-54 a few months ago.  Still having problems with the  Fishin' Pics page.  Hopefully it will be fixed by next week.
NOVEMBER 19th, 2010
Speck fishing has been good!! The picture above is of a Bobcat that Sam saw while fishing at Garcia's.  Below are some pictures that have been taken since September. Check out the Fishin' Pics page to see all of them.  I apoligize for all the problems we have had with the website and keeping you up to date.  Hopefully they are all cured and we are ready for a great fishing season.  Specks have been doing good in Garcia's mostly in the pit area.  Lake Marion has been giving up a good number  with size.  All are doing better with a minnow or some reports have success with a jig tipped with a minnow doing better than just a plain jig.  Stick Marsh Speck fishing is about average for this time of year.  The fish are still out in the deeper waters and haven't started in to the shallower parts.  Fishing in Farm 13 is more productive than fishing from the bank.  So if you got Boat you got Fish!!
 November 16th 2010
Specks are doing great!!  They are hitting big in garcia's
Friday, October 29th, 2010
Sorry about the problems with the Internet and the effect it has had on the website.  I see I am missing the last 2 reports.
 This past week has seen an increase in the size of the Specks being caught.  With the weather warming back up they seem to be going down again.  Minnows are working well and most are catching their limit.  The biggest problem this week has been the wind if you are in the Stick Marsh.  Best times seem to be first thing in  the morning, or later in the afternoon /early evening.
Bass have picked up the bite in the South East corner of the Stick Marsh and others are showing action around the pump station.  Captain Dean of One Castaway, had a few successful trips this week and the bass were hitting the Wild Shiners, and coming back for more.  C-54 has slowed up as far as the Bass go.  Some good catches but nothing consistent.  A few of the local young men do a lot of fishing at the East end of C-54 using Domestic Shiners and fishing for Tarpon and Snook.  The Domestics are the ticket for catching Snook and Tarpon and a few other Salt water fish that come up in the locks.  Every one has a good time with some good clean fun in the great out doors.
There are a few Bluegill and Shellcrackers are still being caught on Worms and for the most part are decent size.
Thursday, October 14, 2010
Specks are doing great!!  Many fisherman catching their limit!!  I will down load more pictures tomorrow of the recent catches.  Most are being caught on minnows in the canal between the Stick Marsh and Farm 13.  Most reports have them about 6 foot down and drifting through the canal.
Still plenty of Bluegill being caught on minnows and crickets.  The Bluegill are bigger than they have been and a dark blue to purple in color.
Until tomorrow, this is a quick update.
Friday, October 8th, 2010
Sorry we haven't kept up with the fishing report.  Our Internet is down and it is hard to get to the library.  Please call us for the latest report,
772-571-9966.  Specks are doing great, they are coming on good with this cooler weather.  Most fisherman are coming in with at least 15 - 20 depending on how they cull them.  We have reports from several of the bank fisherman of good catches around the palm trees at the boat ramp for the past 2 afternoons.  The fisherman at night are doing good also. We have some pictures at the shop that I haven't developed yet of the latest.  Hopefully the Internet will be up  and running next week so we can keep you updated in a more timely fashion. 
are in and ready for this weekend, it promises to be a great bass season.  Please call and let us know if you need shiners so we can make sure they are available when you need them.
Monday, September 27th, 2010
These guys are great and we were so happy to see them and the nice Crappie they caught.
It was great to see so many familiar faces this past weekend.  We have missed ya'll this summer!  Great news the specks you see here and on the home page are from Saturday.  We have had many reports the past 2 weeks of Specks and now here they are.  The temperature has been cooler in the morning and the few rain showers in the late afternoon and early evening have helped to make it bearable. 
Friday, September 17th, 2010
We have plenty of Domestic Shiners for  the Snook that have been showing up at the C-54 East Spillway.  The past 2 weeks have seen an increase in the snook coming into the East Spillway Area.  Stop by and pick up a few dozen shiners and your Snook License.  This Snook season has seen an increase in the cost of the license from $5.50 to $10.50.
Bass are still bitting in the Stick Marsh / Farm 13 area.  Lots of reports of the smaller 2-5 pounders and a few of the 6-8 pounders.  Only a couple of reports of bass being caught in C-54.  Not many people fishing the canal this Summer due to the heat.
Specks ( Black Crappie)  are on the move and though size consistancy has been a problem they are showing up with this slight change in temperature.  Abraham and his fishing buddy caught their limit after culling the smaller ones. They were fishing at night at a depth of 6 feet.  John and Paula only saw a little success at the beginning of the week but they caught a few of every thing.  Mr. Gaines was successful in catching his limit on Tuesday.  Johnny from Ft. Pierce also caught his limit and was very happy.  Johnny has fished several times this summer and hasn't had the luck Mr. Gaines has but persistance finally paid off.
Bluegill are still jumping on the hook after the crickets.  Their size seems to have dwindled but most in the Stick Marsh area are pan frying size.  Bluegill fishing in the East Marsh is better for an over all larger size of Bluegill. 
Just a note to the Wild Shiner Bass Fisherman we will have the Wild Shiners in the first weekend in October.  Please call a head for availability.
Friday, September 3rd, 2010
Well, we are up and running again, we are still sorting and rearranging things but we are open for business!!  The tanks are stocked and we are awaiting your arrival. 
The bass have turned on in the Stick Marsh with an 8 pounder reported caught Wednesday in the Nursery area of Farm 13.  A lot of 2-5 pounders being caught in the same area.  C-54 has been active for the bass also.  Nothing to brag about pound wise but good numbers.  Jim told us he caught 18 bass Thursday, on the Domestic Shiners he picked up here that morning.  Most were the 3-5 pound size.  A lot of fun, and plenty of fight. 
Blue gill are still hitting the crickets and worms in Stick Marsh/Farm 13, size is all over the place.  Some too small others just right. 
AUGUST 27th 2010
Bluegill fishing is still going strong.  Most reports have a lot of fish being caught but still only taking home about 25 due to the size.  A lot of little ones for next year are being thrown back and keeper size taken home for dinner. 
Bass are hitting the domestic shiners pretty good in C-54 and Farm 13.  No reports of any thing over 6 pounds but a lot of fight in those 3-6 pounders.
The elusive Speck have not shown up much lately.  Some fisherman are catching 2-3 while they are fishing for other fish but other wise Mr. Gaines is the only one who has had any success this year.
August 11th 2010
The fishing has been good for the few who have braved the heat and showers this past week. 
 The Bluegill are still hitting the crickets and most are catching a good mess, usually 1/2 the limit is the take home number after culling out the smaller ones.
 Bass have been showing up for the party and the domestic shiners are working pretty good at getting their attention.  C-54 has been a little better this week especially near the East Spillway.  Stick Marsh has reported a few 8 pounders but mostly 3 pounders.  Haven't heard much of anything from Garcia's this week.  Haven't noticed many boats going that way.
Here is a picture of Evencio with 2 of the 50+ Tilapia he caught at a private pond .  He only threw the cast net once and had to have help pulling it in.  The fish almost pulled him into the water.  He had a good time.
July 30th 2010
Fishing has been great this week!!
Bass, Bluegill, and Specks have been active this week.  Bass reports have been good in C-54, Stick Marsh/Farm 13 and Garcia's.  Shiners are doing the trick for the most part but plenty of success is being had with plastics & spinner baits in a variety of colors.  Most are in the chartreuse & white to silver combinations.  Bass Anglers from Georgia report many bass caught  though the times vary. 
Bluegill have been hitting crickets hard & heavy.  Biggest problem has been the heat.  Several fisherman tell us about the time they start biting good it's too darn hot to stay long.  Most are getting a good mess of fish when culling out the smaller ones.  Most are caught in the Stick Marsh, Farm 13 area.  Success has been good for the bank fisherman along 512, be it Garcia's or the East Marsh.  Worms have been working also but not as well as the cricket.
Most of you who are regular readers know of Mr. Gaines and his passion for Spec fishing.  As usual he has had good catches the 3 days he has fished this week.  After culling out the small ones he has went home with 18-15-20 for the 3 days.  Others haven't had quite the success but they have caught a few.  Mr. Gaines uses minnows.
July 25th 2010
The fishing reports have been slow this week.  Not many people fishing.  I guess the weather is the biggest factor, it's been too darn hot!!!
Evencio & Ricardo went fishing in the East Marsh Thursday and caught 10 Bluegill and Evencio caught a nice Talipa on a hook with a cricket.  They fished for about an hour from the bank across from Garcia's. 
Sam reported several Bluegill and Catfish caught Friday morning out of the Stick Marsh / Farm 13 area.  Several guys report catching many Bluegill earlier in the week around the Stick Marsh parking lot in the area around the Palm Trees.
Everyones catching fish but the HEAT is sending them home early.  The ones going out in the late afternoon are having success also.
July 16th, 2010
Last weeks report is lost in cyberspace again!! 
Fishing has been good this week.  Plenty of Bluegill being caught in the Stick Marsh / Farm 13.  John & Paula reported catching 50+ on Tuesday in the North canal.  They were using crickets.  Most were of eating size with only a few being thrown back due to being too small.  Mr. Franklin and his party caught their limit on crickets Monday. 
Mr. Gains caught over 40+ Specks on Monday and kept 25, throwing the others back due to being too small.  He reports they are down deep in 6 foot of water.  Tuesday was a little better as far as size goes.  Of the 35 he caught only 10 were too small.  We have received several reports of fisherman catching Specks this past week but only a few here and there.
Bass reports have been plentiful but not much size to them.  Jimmy caught 17 in 2 hours in Farm 13 but nothing over 4 pounds.  Randal & Ed caught 29 in about 4 hours on Wednesday in the Stick Marsh and Farm 13, they moved around alot.  Not many Bass reports from the C-54 canal this week.
We will be open Sunday, July 4th, 2010!!
As you enjoy the holiday, please take a moment to reflect upon all this holiday encompasses and its true meaning. As we celebrate the day of our nations independence stop for a moment and give thanks to God for his blessings on this great country and our service men and women who have fought to preserve our independence and freedom to enjoy this day as we wish.
July 3rd 2010
Fishing & Catching has increased noticeably in the last few days!!
Bluegill are still plentiful and most fisherman are still catching their limit and the sizes have increased from the last few weeks.  Stick Marsh and Farm 13 fisherman have had better success than Garcia's.  The Bluegill we have seen coming out of Garcia's are still on the small side.  Bluegill coming out of the East Marsh have been plentiful and a nice size.
Speck's (Black Crappie) reports still show they are hard to find.  Most are only catching a handful and the size is average.  Most reports have the Center canal between the Stick Marsh & Farm 13 as the most likely place to find them about 5 to 6 foot down.
Captain Dean Herdman of fished the Stick Marsh-Farm 13 area yesterday and reported catching over 60 Bass.  Most are of  average size in the 3-5 pound range.  We have several reports of the Bass catches picking up at the East end of C-54 in the last several days.  Most fisherman are using shiners.
June 27th 2010
Bluegill are still making a good showing in the Stick Marsh.  The numbers are there but the size seems to have diminished some.  Most fisherman are catching good numbers but the size isn't there.  
 A few reports of those elusive Specks ( Black Crappie).   Stick Marsh fisherman have caught a handful but nothing to get excited about.  They just haven't shown up much for the party.  Once in a while you get lucky and find a few.
Bass in the C-54 have been consistent this past week with several reports of 5-7 pounders and a lot more 2-3 pounders.  Stick Marsh has been consistent in the Bass catching also.  Most reports coming out of the Stick Marsh have the best numbers and weights coming out of the SW corner and along the Southern edge of the Stick Marsh.
Though this may seem like a dismal report,  I try to give you accurate and truthful information.  A lot of fisherman are saying it is just too hot to fish for long.  They are going out early in the morning for a couple of hours and usually after 5 in the afternoon, which doesn't leave them much time to fish. 
June 18th 2010
The more things change the more they stay the same!!  With all the thunderstorms and heat the best catches are in the morning and after the storms pass in the afternoon & early evening.
June 7th 2010
Bluegill are still being caught in the Stick Marsh.  Most fisherman are going out early in the morning and coming off the water around 12-1 o'clock.  Using crickets most are catching their limit.  Those using worms are catching quite a few also.  The worms are not as successful as the crickets but they are doing a good job.  Sam has been Bluegill fishing 3 times this  week and has caught his limit each time on crickets.  Evencio had a heck of a time cleaning all those fish but he had a fish fry here at the shop late yesterday, making it all worth while. 
Speck (Black Crappie) are still few and far between.  Mr. Thomas Gaines seem to be the only one able to catch any of them.  Mr. Gaines has been to the Stick Marsh twice this past week and has caught his limit each time.  Thomas says he is not seeing the big slabs caught last year, but most are in the 10 to 12 inch range with a few smaller ones thrown in.  He won't tell me exactly where he is fishing.
Mike and his 2 brother-in-laws have been having a great time at the East Spillway of  C-54.  They have been Bass fishing and their best catch has been a Bass weighting over 9 pounds.  They have been using our Domestic Shiners.  When they go over to the east side of the Spillway they were catching Snook and Tarpon.  They really enjoy this area as they can catch Bass on the fresh water side and  Snook and Tarpon on the brackish water side.  They are using our Domestic Shiners for both sides of the Spillway. 
Catfish are still plentiful and are easily caught on Minnows, Worms and occasionally small shiners.  The East Marsh has been the best and most plentiful catches of Catfish.
If you have any questions or would like more up to date reports give us a call any time, 772-571-9966.
May 22, 2010
Bluegill are still showing up in good numbers. They are being caught on Crickets.  Stick Marsh has been the place to catch them.  Most are being caught in the center canal between Stick Marsh and Farm 13.  With culling out the smaller ones you can still go home with a good mess of fish.
Specks (Black Crappie) are still elusive, but Mr. Gaines managed to get his limit after catching 75 yesterday and culling them out for size.  Mr. Gaines fishes for Speck year round and usually does pretty good.  He hasn't been in a few months due to his wife's illness.  But he is back fishing now.
Dean from One Cast Away,  fished the Stick Marsh earlier this week with great results.  Dean reports catching over 30 Bass with the largest being over 8 pounds.  Dean said he talked to several other Bass fisherman that day and all had reports of many bass caught that day.  Check out Dean's report at . 
After Memorial Day we will not carry Wild Shiners except on a reserve basis.  We will have plenty of Domestic Shiners available.  If you want Wild Shiners Please let us know about 2 days before and we will get them for you.
May 7th, 2010
The heat is terrible but the Bluegill are bitting.  Size has ranged from too small to some nice 1 pounders.  Stick Marsh & Farm 13 fisherman seem to do better than the Garcia ones.  Several reports coming out of the East Marsh show promise there.  Most are catching 30 to 40 and are culling the smaller ones.  Evencio & Sam caught 34 Blue Gill in Stick Marsh, Monday. 
An occasional Speck will show up but not too many.  A few have told me some of the Specks they have caught still have roe in them!!
Bass fishing has been steady, mostly smaller ones - 5 pound range.  Eddie told us he saw a fisherman land an 8 pounder in Stick Marsh, Tuesday.
Dwayne & Company caught 54 Catfish on Minnows Wednesday.   Check out their picture on the home page. So you can guess what Evencio had to do most of Thursday afternoon.  As I've said before, be careful what you ask for.  
April 30th, 2010
Summer time is here.  Most of our northern friends have gone home to escape the heat we are starting to have between the rain showers.  Fishing has remained consistant for Bluegill this past week.  Many are getting their limit, and if they are a little more particular in their culling of size they are coming close to their limit.  Catfish are still bitting in good numbers and most are sure to catch a good mess in a few hours.  The Specks (Black Crappie)  still haven't shown up in any consistant numbers or for any length of time.  Some of the guys get lucky and do real well and the next day, can't find a one.  This holds true for Stick Marsh and Garcia's.
Reports of many smaller Bass (2-4 pounds) being caught but not much else.  A few reports of a small number of  5-7 pounders showing up and giving a good fight.
Over all fishing this past week has been productive for pan fish and many are enjoying the slightly cooler weather we are having in the mornings and early evenings.
April 22, 2010
Shell Crackers are slowing down a little and the Blue Gill are picking up the slack!!  Several reports over the past 4 days have most getting their limit in a few hours and heading back to the ramp.  Most of the Blue Gill are being caught in the SE corner of the Stick Marsh.  A few good reports are coming out of Garcia's concerning Blue Gill. 
Bass have remained consistent, on again off again, most of it seems to depend on the weather, mostly the wind.  A good report this morning from a fisherman who was out in the South end of the Stick Marsh yesterday.  He reported a lot of Big Bass in the SW corner but not many takers, but he caught 15 + smaller ones in the SE corner, and had a good time.  He was fishing with Wild Shiners. We are carrying a few Wild Shiners now for the guys who weren't able to fish this January & February due to the weather but have decided to come a little later this year. But PLEASE Call us to check on availability.  Due to the warm weather we are limiting our stock. We want to make sure we have what you need when you need it. 
April 1st, 2010
Though it is APRIL FOOL'S DAY the following report is no joke!!  ShellCrackers are still dominating the fishing scene as of yesterday.  Wigglers are still the preferred bait. 
A few reports of Specks ( Black Crappie)  are still coming in but as has been the report all season there is no constancy and no sustained numbers.  Sorry the news isn't any better for you crappie fisherman but it has been a strange season.  The best size and numbers we have had for Specks was at the end of November 2009.  All I can say is hang in there and keep trying, these are the habits of the fisherman who are catching the ones that are being caught.  Several have had a little luck by the Structure at the Stick Marsh Parking Lot.  Not limit but a good mess, the better numbers and sizes have shown up after the rains and the water is moving.
Bass fishing has been great.  Lots of numbers and decent sizes are showing up in the Farm 13 / Stick Marsh area, C-54 and Garcia's.  Average has been around 20 + catches and size has been in the 6 + pound range.  The weather is good and if you can handle the wind, now is the to catch BASS!!
March 24th 2010
Shellcrackers (Redear Sunfish) still dominate the fish catchin'.  The Southeast corner of Farm 13 is the HOT spot.  If you don't get there early you will be at the back of the pack.  Wigglers seem to be the preferred bait, Reds do just as well.  Here is Sam with a few of the Shellcrackers he caught this morning in Farm 13.  The largest one was 12 inches and weighed 1 1/2 pounds.  It is good to see Sam back out fishing, we have missed him. 
Check out the fishin' pics page to see David and Beverly's Bass they caught last week in C-54.  David & Beverly are here from Tennessee and have been fishing every day and most days all day long. Bass fishing has been good for about a week now.  The weather is great and the Bass are spawning now.  C-54 has been the most consistent for bass as far as size and numbers.  Stick Marsh is still giving up a lot of Bass in numbers but the average size seems to be in the 5-7 pound size.  Ansin Garcia's has held its own as far as the bass.  The numbers are up but the size stays around 3-5 pounds.   
Specks (Black Crappie) have not yet shown up in any consistent numbers.  Some days reports have a few good numbers and other days we only hear of a hand full.  Our resident Speck Expert Thomas Gaines hasn't had his usual good fortune in catching speck the past few times he has been fishing.  No one seems to be able to figure out what they are doing.
March 20th 2010
The big news this past week and more so the past 2 days has been the amount and size of the Shellcrackers being caught in the S.E. corner of Farm 13.  The guys (3) from Illinois caught 150 Shellcrackers yesterday.  They left our shop a few minutes after 6am with Wigglers in hand and were back at the shop by 10am, with their catch.  Evencio said they were the biggest Shellcrackers he has ever seen, at first glance he thought they were Tilapia due to the size.
Specks ( Black Crappie) are still hit and miss.  Some reports have them showing up but not in the size and numbers most want. The most successful catches during the day time hours have been using a jig with a minnow on.  They are still not consistent.  As I am typing this report a customer reported they caught several nice speck from the bank around the structure early yesterday evening. Early evening fishing (6pm - 8pm) for Specks has the minnow on the hook.  Some swear by the jig & minnow, and others like just the minnow on a gold hook.
Bass fishing has seen an increase in the numbers and for the most part an increase in average size. 
March 15th 2010 
It was a good weekend all around.  ShellCrackers have been the surprise this past week.  Many reports of 2 pounders being caught on worms in Farm 13 and Stick Marsh.  Specks have been hit & miss still.  Still a few are catching their limit and most are taking home a good mess.  Catfish are still being caught in good numbers. 
March 13th 2010
As you can see from the home page the Bass fishing has been good . Evelyn and Larry caught several good size Bass in C-54, Wednesday.  See the Home page and the Fishin' Pic's to see the latest Pictures.  The rain yesterday slowed us up a little but it's over and today should be a great day to be on the water except for the Westerly wind.  With the rain from the last day and a half the Specks should be moving around.  The Shellcrackers (Redear Sunfish) have been showing up and reports have the sizes at mostly 2 pounds.  Worms have been doing the job as far as the Shellcrackers and Bluegill are concerned.
March 10th, 2010
The weather has been wonderful for the last 3 days.  It started warming up Sunday and has steadily continued .Monday and Tuesday's weather have shown a lot of improvement for Crappie fishing.  We have had many people telling us they have been catching 10 - 15 - 18 Specks, and several have reported catching their limit.  Mr. Gaines fished yesterday and kept 23 Specks he told me he caught more but he has a minimum size he keeps and only took home 23.  Most of these reports have the highest catch rates coming out of Farm 13 mostly in the South End, be it the East or West corner.  Speck fishing around the Stick Marsh parking lot in the late afternoon has yielded good results for most.  Still a lot of Catfish being taken but the Speck's are showing up and the size range is all over the place.  
Bass fishing is heating up!!  C-54 is still a great place to catch some 8 pounders and up.  I hope to have some new pictures soon to show you the 13 plus pounder that was caught yesterday on Wild Shiners by one of our regular winter customers from Illinois.  Mr. Gowen has also promised me some pictures of their fishing trip here last week, so I hope to share them with you soon.  Mr. Gowen is a member of the BASSMASTERS OF NORTH ALABAMA. Check out their website to see all the great things they are doing up there.  Mr. Gowen and his group were one of several unfortunate anglers who had their vehicle broken into and many items stolen.  Through it all he kept a good attitude and did not let this awful incident keep him from fishing.  Though the weather didn't cooperate with them Mr. Gowen and his party stayed hard at it every day. Chip and Greg are here again from West Virginia (sorry Kris couldn't make it).  They seem to be doing pretty good but they are looking for a bigger one than Greg caught last year. (Scroll through the Fishin Pics to see Greg's Bass from last year)  Chip has promised to get me their pics so we should have plenty for you to look at. Stick Marsh Bass fishing has been steady for the last 2 days, most catches and size are coming out of the North West corner of the Stick Marsh side.  The South west corner is seeing it's share of action with several 8's and one 10 being reported mostly in the vegetation near the bank.  Hopefully the weather will hold a little longer and let these fish spawn. 
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